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How much attention are you giving to the strategy and governance of your Master Data initiative?

Many companies are not aware that more efficient, integrated and seamless process solutions are available to accelerate the maturity of master data processes. 

In this webcast, “Assessing your Master Data Maturity,” you will learn how to evaluate key processes and standards within your company to identify where you are situated on a given organization maturity scale.

This webcast will review:

  • Where your company is at in the master data maturity spectrum
  • How you can accelerate your master data maturity to a higher level of efficiency and productivity 
  • Ways to obtain master data that is trustworthy for critical day-to-day and strategic decision making

Winshuttle for Master Data allows business users to instantly resolve urgent problems with customer, material, vendor, and other key master data projects. With better master data, you can reduce costly business interruptions in all areas of your organization, while gaining significant operational efficiency.

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