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In these changing times it’s critical for your organisation to be more agile and respond to market changes quickly - and to empower your business teams - wherever they’re working.

Be more productive anywhere by automating SAP processes

Recorded Webinar

Reduce the burden on IT by enabling the business to manage script creation and maintenance without any programming.

Case Study

Read how Columbia Sportswear uses automation software to speed and simplify data conversion process.

Recorded Webinar

Change the way you work with SAP by embracing the change and learn how to streamline SAP data-intensive processes.


Learn best practices that will help you realise the benefits of real-time data access faster–with less business disruption and cost.

Recorded Webinar

Learn how to accelerate processes and improve the quality of all your SAP product data - not just materials.


Learn ten ways to use Microsoft Excel to get work done faster, improve data quality, and make an impact on your organisation.

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