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Manage Complexity in SAP® with Ease through Mastering
If Conditions

How to simplify your scripts and workload with streamlined processes and logic

Date:  February 18, 2020

Time:  8:00 AM PST  |  16:00 GMT   Find your time zone

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If Conditions are a versatile tool that allow you to incorporate multifaceted logic into scripts with ease and combine more use cases and complex scenarios at once - all while keeping data accurate and improving efficiency.

Join us on February 18th for our latest WUGinar to learn:

  • Everything you need to know about If Conditions and how they function
  • Real examples of when to use If Conditions and how to apply to your business
  • Knowledge and expert tips of how to simplify complex scenarios with confidence
  • How to combine multiple use cases into a single script to save time and resources

Who should attend: 
Winshuttle Developers with beginner to intermediate level Winshuttle skill knowledge and who are looking for new ways to simplify complexities in SAP


Yoon Chung

Solutions Engineer


Tiffani Marsing

Manager, Support